"DJS show team is made up of Danielle Zeiser, Jessica Campbell and Sean Neilson. We reside in Tasmania and we pride ourselves on producing top show and hunter horses. We have enjoyed success at both a state and national level. Going into this show season we were looking for a product range that was easy to use, value for money didn’t harm our horses or cause them irritation and one we didn’t spend days scrubbing off! MP Gloss Products ticked all of those boxes and more and even better it is Australian made.  MP products are so easy to apply, a small amount and it provides maximum coverage all day without the need to reapply during the day, no running, glugging or beading up throughout the day and the best part is it wipes off with a damp cloth. With a big show team, we usually have more than one horse to prepare on show day, MP products have been amazing and they take a lot of the stress out when preparing horses. Thank you for creating such a fantastic product we cannot speak more highly of them, we recommend them to everyone." 
- DJS Show Team, Tasmania

"I was asked to help do some makeup on my friends ASH colt for a foal show. He was cast in the box and came out with some bark off and stitches. a few week prior to the show.  I thought I'd use my MP semi gloss to cover his miss fortunes up without the nasty chemicals. The results say it all. Thanks, MP Gloss Products fabulous products you have created. Converted for life!"
- Kate Meyer, Victoria

"I purchased some MP Gloss after once again spilling my usual product over myself and it spilling in my makeup box! MP Gloss is now my makeup of choice on my horse's legs at shows. I have to congratulate you on finally making a product that not only does a better job, but it is non-irritant to my horse, it's my new makeup of choice. Goodbye raven oil, HELLO MP Gloss!!! x" 
- Jane Mary Burkes, Western Australia

"We used your products on Sunday for the first time, little goes a long way, brilliant natural looking coverage and easy to apply even on a yearling! And the scar coverage was fabulous! Not the best photo but you could barely see that this mare has scars across the front of both hocks! And even today there was still coverage after a night in the paddock. Thank you!"
- Claire Frusher, Western Australia

"I finally got to try the products you sent me, I had to wait a while as he suffered a severe reaction to another product.  I tested it at home last week and he seemed fine, then I used it at 2 shows over the weekend Sat and Sun for one and Mon and Tues for the other so he had 4 days of having it put on and not one sign of any reaction to it what so ever. Absolutely brilliant stuff.  I love how you can put it on in the morning and that's it, it lasts all day!! No need to reapply! I also used the MP Leg Worxx (black) on my grey mares hocks as the ravens oil and also chalk was making her tail turn a shocking purple/black colour.  While it still rubbed off a little, it was nowhere near as bad and only slightly noticeable in her tail.  I LOVE this stuff and am going to order a heap more now I have a show run over 3 weeks coming up where he will have a lot of makeup on most days and now I know he has no reactions at all to your product. Can not thank you enough!"
- Kirsty Mason, Queensland